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Our Passion

Simply put, our clients are our first priority. At Asset Planning Group, everything we do is for you, and we have dedicated ourselves to providing a high level of support and care. We work with our clients, many of whom are also friends and colleagues, on their short and long-term goals and these relationships often span for generations.

Just as an anesthesiologist acts with extreme levels of precision and care when working with patients, we tackle your financial goals with the same amount of dedication. With an extensive background in the medical industry, we understand the specific concerns that this demographic faces, such as debt reduction and career transitions. We work with individuals on all levels of the healthcare spectrum, from nurses to healthcare administrators to retired physicians.

In addition to serving the health care industry, we also enjoy working with educated professionals and high net worth families who have worked hard throughout their life and are looking toward retirement. These clients tend to echo some of our similar values and we work well as an educated, proactive team.

We are passionate about helping medical professionals and other hard-working individuals, both in the Miami area and around the country, focus on the things that matter in their lives and allocate their resources on the things that they care about the most, like retirement and multi-generational planning.